Course curriculum

  1. 02
    • Introducing Your Instructor - Christian Lind

    • Quote - Henry Ford

    • Disruption Is More Than Innovation!

    • Quote - Paul Krugman

    • Currencies, Legal Tender, and Money

    • What Are Cryptocurrencies

    • The Who’s Who Of Cryptocurrencies

    • Do You Know?

    • The Future Of Crypto As Seen By…

    • The Terms You Need To Know

    • Exchanges, Wallets, and Mining

    • Crypto’s Numisma, Nomos, Nonos

    • Quote - Rick Falkvinge

    • Do You Know?

    • A Technological Disruption Review

  2. 03
    • Introducing Your Instructor - Doris Orr

    • A Paradigm Shift In Perception

    • The Design Flaws Of The Fiat System

    • Inflation vs. Deflation

    • Difference Between Price & Value

    • Differences Between The Canadian Dollar & Bitcoin

    • The Factors Influencing Volatility

    • Ethical Considerations For Crypto

    • Quote - Alan Greenspan

    • Do You Know?

    • A Paradigm Shift Review

  3. 04
    • Introducing Your Instructor - Chris White

    • The Impact of Crypto Investments

    • Sovereignty, Truth, and Integrity

    • Investors are Not Gamblers

    • Dos And Don’ts When Investing

    • Quote - Benjamin Franklin

    • Do You Know?

  4. 05
    • Thank You

What People Say About Our Course

“It was great to find out what crypto is all about and what it is not all about. I like that Defieh start at ground level assuming no previous knowledge nor experience. That was very useful for me.”

Don M.

“Defieh definitely has educational value for anyone wishing to learn more about cryptocurrency and to benefit from it. I’ll tell anyone who wishes to gain more knowledge about cryptocurrency about your program.”


“Exploring The Crypto Space was interesting and informative. Thanks for including me. The world of crypto continues to move quickly and has many aspects and perspectives. Keep on doing what you’re doing.”

Don A.

“What a fascinating and well done exploration of the crypto space! Very hot topic, obviously. Wow, now I wish I had encouraged my son to get bitcoin way back when he wanted to!!”